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Automobile tyres and industrial-rubber products
Our company is one of the leaders in the sale of vehicles and quarry equipment. We have offered for several years to buy the tires and rubber goods of high quality, and the most important aspect is a bargain price.

Automobile tyres and industrial-rubber products

HERMES-TRADING sells tyres and other rubber technical products for automobile and quarry equipment of domestic and import production. We are capable to supply large and oversized tires for trucks, dump trucks and buses manufactured in Russia, Europe and Asia. We can find rubber products for KAMAZ, Komatsu, Liebherr, BelAZ, Hitachi and other manufacturers. A well-organized working process makes it possible to find quickly a suitable solution.

HERMES-TRADING works with reliable suppliers. We maintain the partnerships with many manufacturers, and it gives us an opportunity to offer industrial tires for the most popular automotive and quarry equipment.