Address: Moscow, 125124, 3-Ya Yamskogo Polya St. 18, floor 6, p.VII, room 15
Phones: +7 (495) 252-09-18
+7 (495) 797-15-89

HERMES-TRADING, LLC offers a wide range of machinery, raw materials, equipment for mining and quarrying industries. We assure high quality and low prices thanks to direct deliveries of manufacturers. Our experts will purchase necessary products, provide support and delivery at the place of destination.

HERMES-TRADING is a young company engaged in supply of spare parts and components for automotive, quarry and railway equipment. We work with reliable suppliers and offer a wide range, herewith, at our place you are sure to find what you need. We provide a necessary assistance in the process of selection.

HERMES-TRADING has recently started working at the Russian market. We specialize in supply of parts and components for the automotive, mining and railway equipment of Russian, European, and Asian production. We also supply metal pipes, valves and other industrial products.

We have established partnerships with many companies-manufacturers. Working with trusted suppliers gives us an opportunity to offer high quality parts and components at an attractive price. The sphere of activity for delivery of production, which we are engaged, is specified on the website of our company.

Thanks to HERMES-TRADING you will not have any difficulties in finding a necessary equipment, and you will successfully solve the tasks facing you.